The Grand Narrows Waterfront Society

About the GNWDS

Following the discontinuation of the Grand Narrows - Iona ferry service, there was a need and desire to revitalize the economic strength of Grand Narrows. The community formed a non-profit organization in March 1993....
The Grand Narrows Waterfront Development Society
The GNWDS is a structured organization consisting of a Board of Directors and Executive annually elected by the membership and registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock.

Open Membership
Annual society membership dues are $5/person or $10/family
Members are encouraged to attend general meetings where agenda items are discussed and voted upon. As a grassroots organization the GNWDS welcomes new members with various interests and available time commitments.
If you are interested in joining as a member or would simply like to sit in on a meeting please contact us.

New energies are always welcome!

CBRM Heritage
Grand Narrows Ferry Wharf
A Cape Breton Regional Municipality Heritage Property

Society By-Laws
Society by-Laws as amended in 1999

Community Links
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Our Mission
"Together as one, we are committed to re-establish a healthy economy for our community through the enhancement of our strengths & resources, as well as the further development and implementation of our Strategic Community Development Plan."  

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